Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have you been chased from church?

So it has been a hard day for me. There are so many people who have had their faith destroyed by others, and are now rebuilding it because they have been called by Jesus, thus they are responding to his call to them. There are so many people out there who have been made weaker in Christ by the condemnation of men, even at times other Christians, who have no authority over the children of God. Let us continue to pray that we are forgiven, and let us all be willing to forgive others as we ourselves need to be forgiven. Let us be mindful that while we are to be obidient servants unto the Lord, not everyone shares the same strength in the Lord. Therefore let us help lift each other up in edification unto the Lord. For before we can run we must crawl and before we can crawl we must have faith in the Lord. For faith cometh by hearing that God is alive and he loves us so much that he died for us all. That faith gives way to hope of a life everlasting through the remission of sins through God's son and our salvation Jesus Christ. This hope leads to a firm belief in the father in heaven through the acts of his spirit in us which he has sent as our guarantee of things to come. So let us all rejoice in the Lord and be mindful that although God can destroy us, he has chosen to forgive all who will ask him through his son Jesus Christ. So even though we are to be obidient to him and help others stay the course of Love in Christ, we must be reverant and follow the example of Love and forgiveness God has showed us. So we must be willing to forgive others as we ourselves need to be forgiven. Let us compell one another to finish this race we have entered into with one another in Christ and let us be diligent in our faith until the end. Be blessed and uplifted in the hope we all share in God, which joins us all in a common work unto the Lord. For we are all of one spirit which was born out of the Love the father has for us as his children. Be blessed today brothers and sisters in Christ and let us focus on strengthening one anothers faith in Christ Jesus our Lord and not destroying it in others. Let us all become slaves to his will and learn to serve others and not ourselves.

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