Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is God our genie in a bottle?

Soon, man's halls will be empty. Soon his classrooms of higher learning will be no more, because he put his own knowledge above God the creator.

God is a God of war for he defeats his enemies.
God is a God or wrath because he consumes his enemies.
God is a God of jealously beacuse he is jealous for us to worship him before all other gods.
God is a God of love because he chose to give up heaven to overcome this world in the flesh by a pure walk and then to die for us.
God is a God of forgiveness because he has chosen to forgive all who will worship his name.

So now let everyone who can hear my voice fall down and worship God. How dare we complain before God that he is not our servant. Who are we to question God? We, who are seeking to know him, are we looking for a magical genie lamp to rub and be granted all of our selfish desires? Are we seeking God so that we can get something in return from him? Although Christ was God in the flesh, he was not our example of who God is, for he is our example of how we should worship God. He came here to live as our example of what a Godly man should be. He came here to be a servant unto others and to reveal to them the gospel of Jesus Christ. For eventhough he was Christ himself, he still preached the gospel of Christ as a fact before men, even before it was revealed to them by the deeds which God would later do before the entire world. It was done in this manner so that we would know it was ordained by God.

So now that Jesus has given us our example, why do we hesitate? Why are we waiting on God to be something for us to be edified in? Why are we seeking a god who grants the evil desires of our hearts? Is God a god to worship us? Or are we here to worship God in spirit and in truth?

Some have said that truth is God in all things of this life, but all things of this life are not truth for satan works here with great deceptions. While it is true that God is truth and all truth is from God, because God is truth. So on the appointed day we will know truth, for he will reveal himself to us. For truth is not 2+2, but rather the truth is God. So let us pray that his truth is revealed to us on this earth, so that we may see beyond the apparent truths of this world and its deceptions, peering into the very kingdom of heaven where God is alive and sits on his throne with Christ at his right hand. For now we see as through a cloudy glass, but on the appointed day when perfection has come, we will see God face to face. On that day we will know him as we now know each other. We will not be looking dimly through an obscure galss, but we will be in his presence, and on this day all secrets will be revealed because we will be in the presence of the truth, that is to say God.

These truths are revealed to us so that we may have hope and understanding in him and not lose our faith. For to know God is to overcome our fear of this world and its limitations for us. We are not ruled by its apparent laws of sin and death, for our reward is in Christ Jesus and our victory is in his resurrection. We now have been purchased at a great price, so that we are servants of him who paid the price for us. He has given us his example, because God himself came in this flesh, so that we would know how he wants us to worship him. He wants us to love him with all we have, even unto a physical death, of which we are all a witness that he gave up his life to follow his own will for God. So now we are to give it all to him, whatever he requires of us. For God who knows all, who is the only living God, is only worthy of our praises and our worship unto him.

Christ who is God himself in the flesh got down on his knees and washed the feet of his own creation to be our example of humility. If God who created all things could humble himself to do this, how much more are we who are below him to such things?

So now let us stop questioning God and his wisdom for us. Who are we to challenge God? Who are we to expect God to worship us in this life? Isn't he God and isn't that enough for us? Did he give us complicated commands?

Live in Love for him who made you in his own image. Believe that he came in the flesh and died in the flesh so that you may be saved and have an example to follow in worship to him. Treat your neighbor as youself ( which is the opposite of sinful nature which seeks to destroy our neighbor by taking what is theirs), and live by the fruits of the spirit.

Christ rebuked those who opposed to worship his father in a righteous walk beofre him. Christ opposed those who denied who his father was. Christ helped those who needed his help. Christ taught others who did not understand by imparting the truth of God to them. Christ exposed the unbeliever to his ways through the word of truth, which is the word of God, and therefore the Word of God will be their judge. Christ used the power given to him by the father who is God, to do God's work not his own. Christ submitted himself to the authority of God even though he was God. Christ saught the good of the father in all things. Christ refuted satan at every turn when he was tempted, and chose to walk in God instead of the deceit of temptaion. Christ spead the gospel of God which was to believe in him who sent him and obey his commandments. Christ was baptized, acknowledging himself, that God's way is right. Christ confessed on his father's name and gave his life for our father in heaven. Christ never doubted, but always believed, even when he asked his father, "why have you forsaken me," which is to say, why have you let me linger here so long, and so God answered his prayer by taking him immediately. Even in his last breath, Christ demonstrated forgiveness, by asking God to forgive thse who sinned against him.

If we are wondering why our prayers aren't being answered, let us first consider this question. Is this a prayer which will make me stronger for the Lord, or is this a prayer of selfish ambition. For the Lord has promised to give all who take their delight in him, the desires of their hearts. But if God is the desire of our heart, then won't our prayer be about him and his will forus? After all, aren't we to be advancing the kingdom of God as forceful men, just as it is written?

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